Martin Waitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> is there already a way in gimp to do background calculations?
> i.e. perform some lengthly calculations while user interaction
> is still possible?
> well, they are not really _that_ long i guess, but too long
> to not react on user input in that time.
> for example by creating a new thread (is gimp thread-safe?)
> or an idle-function (does one exist?, can i get it called
> in a loop until my calculation is done?)

both approaches are doable. The best solution would be to use
threads if multiple processors are available and to use an
idle function otherwise. Idle functions can be added to the
event loop very simply using g_idle_add(). I'd suggest to have
a look at the GLib API Reference:


Salut, Sven
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