On 2002-01-20 at 1341.43 +0100, Sven Neumann typed this mail:
> Hi,
> this is not true. I tried to get some magic into acinclude.m4 to
> remove the need to have glib-1.3 and pkg-config installed to compile
> gimp-1.2 from CVS. However I haven't found a good solution so
> far. This means that pkg.m4 and glib-gettext.m4 are still needed and
> neither the file HACKING nor the tutorial mention this in enough
> detail. I'll probably give it another try and if I fail again, I'll
> update HACKING accordingly.
as soon as you update HACKING, i will clear this up in the how to.  should i
"cvs up" nightly to check, or would weekly be sufficient?

> A few points about the tutorial:
> - I'm missing the names of the authors and an email address for
>   further questions, suggestions, etc.
i put everyone i remember there, in alphabetical order.  if i left someone out,
i am sorry.  also, there is room for more.

> - There's a typo in explanation of .cvsrc: "The the maintainers ..."
very clever of you to find the "the GIMP" there, as both bex and i missed it.
thank you  :)

> - You might want to add the -p flag to the diff commands. It adds
>   the name of the changed function to the generated diff. IMO this
>   helps a lot when reading diffs. However this is not really needed
>   when compiling GIMP.
added. thank you.

thanks for the help.

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