On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Carol Spears wrote:
 > On 2002-01-20 at 2053.12 -0800, syngin typed this mail:
 > >Would it not be a better idea to figure out the country of origin for
 > >those attending and place the convention closest to the majority?

The list of those attenting will probably change depending on the
selected location, so this would have to be an iterative process
(maybe even an infinite loop).

 > just about anywhere in europe would probably be fairly close to the mean,
 > imo.

Yes, it is likely that most participants would be from Europe, so a
meeting place in Europe would be better than in the rest of the world
(unless all travel expenses are paid by a generous sponsor).

 > tell them what date we will arrive, ask them if having enough outlets and a
 > good internet connection in a nice smoking room (that also has a nice
 > non-smoking closet for simon and drc).

Hmmm...  I'd be on the side of simon and drc.  From my point of view,
I would like to have a good internet connection in a nice non-smoking
room and make sure that the place has an equally nice non-smoking
closet for those who insist on keeping bad habits...  ;-)  <ducks>


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