Sven Neumann wrote:
> Script-Fu is still adding layers while I write this and the count is
> approaching 4000 layers of 16x16 pixels here. At the moment gimp uses
> about 330MB of virtual memory (256MB physical RAM).  The script has
> (gimp-displays-flush) after (gimp-image-add-layer ...), so the layers
> dialog is fighting to keep up with the amount of layers

You could try duplicating an existing layer multiple times
instead of creating new ones, so the copy-on-write code saves
you memory.  If your layer is 16x16 though, I imagine that
the per-layer thumbs are taking more memory than the layer

I think it'd still be a fair comparison if you closed the
layers dialog -- an image with 1000s of layers is probably
not expected to be managable sanely with what amounts to
a list paradigm.

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