Having pissed everyone off at this stage with what must seem like
either cluelessness or intransigence (let me assure ye that neither
impression was intended), I'm going to let the thread (and the debate)
die finally... I have been looking at this in a slightly different way
to the way that I probably should have, and therefore I have seen
issues that aren't really there. I could explain the way I was looking
at stuff, or the motivation for my readjustment, but it wouldn't help.
Suffice it to say that I have come to realise where the rest of you
are coming from, and that you are right.

So, to sum up...

Raphael said:
> There are several reasons for using individual parasites for each
> of the EXIF data instead of using a single parasite including the
> whole structure:

I (finally) agree.


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