I just had a look at Changelog for 1.2.3 and the list of bug reports
that have been fixed since 1.2.2 was released...

Here is a list of the significant changes between 1.2.2 and 1.2.3:
- Many improvements to the documentation and help pages.
- Updated translations.
- The binaries and manpages are now installed with a -1.2 suffix.  By
  default, symbolic links are installed for unversioned files so the
  default "gimp" executable is still available as before.  This allows
  both 1.2.x and 1.3.x to be installed in the same prefix directory.
- Never prompt for stack traces by default.  This prevents lock-ups
  while the pointer is grabbed (bug #68977).
- An improved Export function prevents incorrect data from being saved
  in a files when a layer mask or channel is active, or when the layer
  offset, opacity and size must be taken into account (bug #51114).
- Various improvements to the build system and to the installation
  process, especially for Windows (among others, bug #64491).
- Several bugs fixed in the file load/save plug-ins: TGA (bug #53278),
  TIFF (bug #69129), JPEG (bug #69127), gz (bug #67135), xbm, xpm.
- Several other bugs causing potential crashes have been fixed as
  well: #33802, #61418, #61894, #64835, #70344.
For a complete list of changes, see the first 900+ lines of the
ChangeLog file, as well as the ones in the help and po directories.

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