On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Austin Donnelly wrote:
>I don't think such a plugin exists already.  By all means, go ahead
>and code it up - it sounds useful!

I've already wrote a little program that converts .abr and .jbr (PSP brushes,
.abr renamed to .jbr) to GIMP's .gbr. I've planned to wrote it as a GIMP brush
loaded plug-in but GIMP only support .gbr brushes. What about adding support
for brush-load plug-ins?
I was and I'm still quite busy in those days for starting hacking GIMP ... v_v

The Adobe file formats specs are wrong in the Brushes section, I've warned the
Adobe developers and I hope that a new fixed version of this document is

The abr2gbr converter source code with a Makefile is attacched to this message.
I think the the source code it's quite clean, I'm always listening here if
someone is getting troubled with it or simply needs info. ;))

Happy GIMPing,
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