[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-16 at 0006.34 +0100):
> This is the doc I have now. Any comments? Suggestions? Fixes?

I got some questions and suggestions on IRC, so to avoid forgetting
and repetitions, I self reply:

- <Image>/Layer is the same menu the will be used for MB3 in Layers
  dialog. That way you have same layout and same bindings, no more
  wrong duplication, but perfect one. Sorry for forgetting to write
  it, I thought but did not type, that was one of the basic ideas
  behind cleaning menu system.

- I have to add Channel menu, and using the same principle that with
  Layer, share the menu, and so share keybindings and layout. But also
  share bindings with layers, otherwise it gets mad. Check next to see
  what and how.

- I guess then we need a toggle key to move from Layer to Channel and
  back. Shift-Tab, ie, and check what does Ctrl-Tab for reasoning (did
  you know that one? I want it for channels too ;] ). And add new
  layer keybinding will be the same than add new channel, just change
  to channels to change the behaviour, like you do now with mouse. I
  just hope it does not get impossible due coding limitations (resync
  of changed bindings, ie).  Quick example: Shift+Ctrl+N creates new
  layer or new channel depending if you are working in layers or

Branko and Simon talked about indicators for active layer or channel,
I think the change key will suit nice with them. Branko should post
something soon.

Of course we can avoid key reuse, but then if we want bindings for
things, we have to duplicate a lot (new, duplicate, delete, move,
select, both for layer and channel, instead of one set of commands and
operate in current context).

Sven talked about drawables but we can not expect to push it to user
level, as he pointed. So channels and layers must be separate, but I
do not think too much if we do not want it to go out of control with
keys. I think users can grasp the idea of channel or layer, and reuse
keys, indicators would make even easier.

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