On Saturday 16 February 2002 09:29, Lourens Veen wrote:
> I'd like to define a Tool as something that changes the image depending on
> the coordinates sent by the pointer device. This means that Flip and
> Transform (which always work on the whole image or the whole selection)
> aren't tools at all. Things like the Image>->Color->* functions, which seem
> to be implemented as Tools in 1.2, aren't tools either.

Something I forget: note that by this definition, the Text Tool isn't a tool 
either, at least when using Dynamic Text, since the placement of the text 
depends only on the option in the dialog box. I think Text should be a tool, 
and, unless otherwise specified in the dialog box, the text should appear in 
the image at the location that was clicked by the user. This also prevents 
the problem of having to scroll around to find the text you just made when 
you are zoomed in. If the text were at the point where you clicked (which is 
ofcourse within the viewport) you could just finetune it and go on.

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