I have posted a french translation on gimp-fr.org and linuxgraphic.org.
I hope to get some feedbacks.

For the Icons an email could be posted on GUG and Gimpi with some
informations : size(s), format XCF, PNG... I think gimp-end-users will
be proud to make the icons.

For the menu, I have sometimes been annoyed that some important things such
as 'save, save as, undo' are not in the main menu File. This is annoyed when 
you are working with very large image and the screen is very slow to refresh.
Right-click menu is not very accessible.

As general idea for the menu :
My suggestion is to think on a theme organisation. What end-users are doing
with Gimp ?
- artistic drawings
- image manipulation
- basic working on photos
- web design
- video ?
and may be more
Some tools are specific to one or more theme some tools are not specific (we
say generic). My idea is : generic tools always there. Themes tools there as
wish and in order that user wish. What would be difficult is to determine on
theme(s) a tool is appropriate.  

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