lör 2002-02-16 klockan 06.59 skrev Marco Lamberto:
> >        Zoom In                 + [Yes, changed, a bit more logical, no?]
> >        Zoom Out                -
> If you have an US keyboard you'll notice that while the minus "-" is immediatly
> accessible, the plus "+" is obtained by pressing Shift + "=". I think that
> "+"/"=" it's a faster keybinding for an US-keyboard layout user.
> What about of a bit "nationalized" keyboard layout, they should be selected
> through the Options menu and NOT by using the locale

There's no reason that the default couldn't be selected using values
from the locale. The locale will in most cases be reliable, and the
users that use nonstandard keyboard layouts can probably live with
having to change the default.


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