"Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I myself was thinking more along the lines of some text in the status 
> bar (or a second status bar) in the image window that shows which 
> layer or channel is active.

get your hands on GIMP-1.3.3 and add %L to the image-title-format
or image-status-format strings. There you go.

> These options could be beneath buttons in a dialog that appears on 
> start-up instead of or along side the tool box.
> Sure, they only save some scrolling in a menu, but I believe these 
> extra transactional costs become a burden to a user who has gotten to 
> know the alternative method.
> This dialog should also be optional, so that power users will still 
> keep that power feeling. WinZip does this very nicely (unfortunately, 
> I do not know a Linux tool that gives you the choice between wizard 
> and power access).

I'm against adding optional GUI stuff. IMO it will only confuse
people, bloats the code and doesn't really solve the problem.  If
there is a problem with the current user interface it should be solved
properly instead of being worked around.

Salut, Sven

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