[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-16 at 0939.22 +0100):
> Something I forget: note that by this definition, the Text Tool isn't a tool 
> either, at least when using Dynamic Text, since the placement of the text 
> depends only on the option in the dialog box. I think Text should be a tool, 
> and, unless otherwise specified in the dialog box, the text should appear in 
> the image at the location that was clicked by the user. This also prevents 
> the problem of having to scroll around to find the text you just made when 
> you are zoomed in. If the text were at the point where you clicked (which is 
> ofcourse within the viewport) you could just finetune it and go on.

Text tool is going to be changed, it will be a mix of current gimp
freetype (quality) and gdyntext (separate layer, parasite). It should
add the layer where the user clicked.

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