[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-16 at 0659.48 +0100):
> >        Zoom In                 + [Yes, changed, a bit more logical, no?]
> >        Zoom Out                -
> If you have an US keyboard you'll notice that while the minus "-" is
> immediatly accessible, the plus "+" is obtained by pressing Shift +
> "=". I think that "+"/"=" it's a faster keybinding for an
> US-keyboard layout user.

And in non US, maybe the contrary. ;]

Guess why I hate of symbols, and try to find people with other
keyboards. Letters are the few thing everyone has (and with Dvorak,
Azerty and others, some keycombos can be weird).

> What about of a bit "nationalized" keyboard layout, they should be
> selected through the Options menu and NOT by using the locale, just
> because it's possbile that someone uses a keyboard layout different
> from the specified locale (just think a programmer often needing
> "{}" ).

Could be an option. Of course, GTK+ must first solve the problems with
keybindings, cos I used some combos that do not work (input as blank
as does nothing), and others are intercepted wrongly (I have to use
Shift+0 for =, and that fails, and if I try to reset it, I get
Shift+=, which is like saying Shift+Shift+0).

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