[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-17 at 1230.12 +0100):
> > Also we will need a howto on the web site about making the different
> > window managers play nice with gimp.
> That would be useful though. What would also be useful is to make _all_
> keybindings in GIMP configurable (like SHIFT, CTRL, ALT etc.). So I
> would be able to assign Meta1 to GIMP-ALT and Meta2 to
> WindowManager-ALT.

You can configure all the menu shortcuts, it is a GTK+ feature, and a
good one. Non configurable things are Alt for menus and things that do
not appear in menus. That would need some kind of config method, maybe
being Alt one impossible. Supposing wm does not hard code, you can get
the thing you want.

About the doc, yes, and not only for GIMP, but for other features, so
people really use window manager capabilities and have info to choose

<bit OT>
Another problem I see is the terms workspace and viewport. Some wm
have none, some one, some both... and of course names change, I used
Sawfish terms, so do not panic if your wm has "other" things. This is
related to GIMP cos you can use one level of stickiness for the GIMP
utility windows and leave images non sticky, thus changing fast from
image to image. Add any other tricks you have developed. Good usage of
things avaliable means less work.
</bit OT>

> As far as I know, there are no wide-spread shortcuts involving two
> modifier keys. It boils down to something like CTRL-Q: Quit, CTRL-W:
> Close window, CTRL-N: New - very basic stuff.

Shift+Control is proposed as "related or negative", and not only in
the draft. GNOME has a list, Mac too, even Windows, they cover the
basics, they have the comment about Shift. OTOH, some like Mac and
Windows do not have wm problems, via the quick way (remove the problem
instead of fix it, and say "you do not need it" to people that ask for
things like fast and fully keyboard controlable wm).

> CTRL-ALT and similar bindings are seldomly used by applications and
> often used by window managers.

X and OS too (beware of Backspace, kills X ;] ).

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