[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-17 at 1219.46 +0100):
> As any looked into how all this will work with different window
> managers?  What window managers grab what keys and can the window

The reply is easy: pain. Been there done that. When you fix one thing,
someone appears with new keys to kick you down pretty hard. ;]

> managers easily be configured to use alt if gimp isn't using it?

Well, if you ask me and you (well, distros) are into fixing all the
madness, there is a way, called Hyper or Super keys. Most keyboards
now have 105 keys, so instead of having Meta and Alt, you can share
that in one key (anybody found a program that wants both?) and make
the free keys be Hyper (ta da, window manager key!). So not 100%
fixed, but at least fixed for many cases, now the problem is to fix
the rare cases, not the common one.

> It is important to check this since we will otherwise end up with lots
> of whiny users who can't figure out why thiings aren't happening like
> expected.

We already have them (check the tip of the day list, and search for
references to Alt). What is more, Branko found another one the other
day (Control key, used by xterms, collides with E... ouch, and Sawfish
had some versions with similar wrong defaults, see Carol's PNGs).

> Also we will need a howto on the web site about making the different
> window managers play nice with gimp.

OK, I can contribute the Hyper thing, and the application into Sawfish
(FVWM2 as soon as I get it back, archived the config again). Carol
PNGs only make W become Super, but she needs how to get Super or Hyper
working, dunno about Debian defaults, but RH does not have Hyper (I
prefer Hyper cos Super shorts to S, like Shift... personal mania).

> Also, are there other apps that use shortcuts like we do that might be
> using a different set of shift-alt-ctrl keys?  Just thinking it would be

The doc goes for Shift / Control / Shift+Control and letters for a
reason. Then Shift+Alt if needed more. Of course, use Hyper (at wm
level) and you never have problems. I would leave Control+Alt for
window things (window manager, like maximize, or X, like jump to
another VT), so Hyperless people have something at least. I leave out
Shift+Alt+Control cos it starts to get complicated, and Alt is
reserved for accelerators that have "_" (menus, dialogs and so on), so
avoided too.

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