Yves Moisan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I was looking for an XML application that would allow me to build a
> task list to share among developers and show it on the Web (and
> potentially output it to other media).  I looked at the source of your
> HTML documents in the task list section and it looks like the task
> list is made in XML and output to HTML.  Are the DTD (Scheme) and CSS
> (XSL) documents available somewhere ?  I tried going back to the root
> of http://developer.gimp.org but there is not much there.

the file is in CVS in the gimp module. It's called TODO.xml. The 
script that converts to HTML is docs/make-todo. It's not a real
XSL transformation, just a lousy phyton script. We ripped it off
the gtk+ source tree and changed it a bit. Feel free to use it,
but please mention the origin somewhere.

Salut, Sven
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