Raphael Quinet wrote:
>  [...] Here is a summary of the changes [...]

I may have missed some of the discussion on these, but here are
some comments.

> - Use the PDB for all interactive tools.  All actions that can be
>    performed by clicking somewhere in the image window (painting,
>    selecting, picking a color, moving guides, panning, zooming, ...)
>    must be able to trigger a PDB call.

To avoid horrible amounts of overhead, I'm guessing that it should
be enough (in most cases) to trigger on button up, and send a vector
of cursor positions.

>From the other side, can users define their own interactive tools?
(How do they get added to the toolbox?)

> - Use named parameters for the PDB.  Instead of using positional
>    parameters, all PDB calls could take a list of name=value pairs, in
>    which each name is a string.

Would it be too much work to provide a separate call interface for
this style, and keep the old interface?

> Did I forget anything that will or may have an impact on the plug-ins?

I've built a few plugins that call back into the Gimp, which leads
to some (maybe) unusual requests:

- Allow plugins to intercept the progress callback (and replace the
progress indicator).

- Allow (force?) plugins to provide default values and valid ranges
for parameters. (And for floats, precision / number of decimals).

- I'm thinking about some applications in which I would like to be
able to open a display and restrict what users can do on that display,
but at this stage I'm still a little vague on this. Maybe if they
couldn't change tools on that display ... I'll have to think about

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