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Traffic Attractor - Auto Safe List Submitter Now Available!

Traffic Auto Safe List Submitter has hit the net by storm! It allows
you to setup a few adverts and then automatically posts them to all the
safe lists you have in the database. Traffic Attractor - Auto Safe List
Submitter will also include weekly downloads of safe lists where you
just enter your username and password for the lists and it will
automatically post! You will also be able to add your own safe lists!
Check out the features!
Automatically post to hundreds of safe lists at once! (Fully Automatic)
Schedule posts, you may want to send your ad out at 3am! Add your own
Get Downloads of New Lists 
Post to lists with Turing Keys 
Add as many adverts as you like 
Add as many safe lists as you like 
Submission Reports (Tells you which lists were successful and which
were not) 

Demo is available now! 
Free Updates! cgi?f4ebony
Breaking News: Traffic Attractor - Auto Safe List Submitter can now
post to over 80 safe lists which require turing keys and to lists which
use popup login windows and popup send mail windows.

Register Traffic Attractor - Auto Safe List Submitter

How much is this program worth ? Think about it, you may spend 5 hours
a day posting to hundreds of safe lists. Traffic Attractor - Auto Safe
List Submitter will get it done for you in less than 20 minutes!

Its all automatic, you select the safe lists to post to, select the
advert and start it up. Work on something else while it runs in the
background! The Release Date is scheduled for 15th February. The demo
version is available right now! To get the demo you must join below.

Breaking News: Recent tests show Traffic Attractor - Auto Safe List
Submitter can post to 500+ Safe Lists without loss of resources! Read
an email below about our competition.. (Bad words have been dotted out) poster. cgi?f4ebony

One of your competitors really, excuse me p.... me off!  It said
unlimited safe lists! Bull....! This was nothing but a lie!  I have
Over 250 List that I need to load and I bought their product and
yesterday they finally admitted it cannot handle more than 50 or it is

Second Email:

Yes! I am very very upset with them!  Those False Advertisements!!! One
Lady saying she posts to over 260... or something like that! Bull.... !
Sorry but I am very aggravated! IF YOU WANT THE REAL DEAL GO = cgi?f4ebony

F4 INC.1994 cgi?f4ebony

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