A few days ago, I spent some time testing all plug-ins and tools to
check which ones are incorrectly computing the average of transparent
and non-transparent pixels.  This is explained in bug #70335
(http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70335).  There are 27
plug-ins and two tools that are broken, in addition to the previews in
the L&C dialog.  While doing that, I created some test images and I
discovered that I could turn these bugs into a fun feature...

Maybe you remember this game for kids, in which one has to rub a
pencil on a sheet of paper that is completely white (but has some
barely visible parts on which the pencil cannot leave any marks).
After a while, the hidden picture is revealed by the pencil.  Well,
the bug mentioned above can be used to produce the same effect in the
Gimp.  Even with colors...

Open the .xcf.gz image included in the second attachment (bug #70335):
Then select the Convolver (the tool that has a water drop as its icon)
and use this tool over the image.  Initially, the image is completely
white, but it will not take long before you see a familiar figure
appearing.  You can also try the same trick with the second or third
layer of the image (by the way, you can easily see in the L&C dialog
that the layer previews are also affected by the same bug).  Or you
can try a gaussian blur with a small radius.  Or Pixellize, or
Noisify, or any of the other plug-ins mentioned in the bug report.

Fun, isn't it?


P.S.: Thanks to all those who suggested various mail programs.  It
      looks like Sylpheed is the best of the lot.  It uses GTK+, it is
      reasonably small and fast, it does not depend on gnome-libs or
      Qt, it has customizable highlighting, quoting and filtering, it
      allows me to manage several accounts and it works over IMAP
      (which allows me to keep all my mailboxes in mbox format instead
      of MH).  And more importantly, it allows me to compose plain
      text messages without messing up the formatting.  So I buried
      Mozilla (which thinks that everything should be HTML) and I
      switched to Sylpheed (http://sylpheed.good-day.net/).
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