Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> tonight i decided to try the cvs gimp-1.3.  i found it very difficult to
> convince the cvs server that i wanted the new gimp now, having followed
> bex's how to for the stable gimp.
> eventually i renamed the gimp directory and was able to successfully
> check it out, it seems like there should be a more elegant method to do
> this.

what did you do? Tried to convert the stable checkout into the HEAD
branch? The branch tags in your stable CVS checkout are sticky, that
means they apply even though you don't specify them directly. There
are ways to work around this (use cvs update -A, see cvs --help update)
but in the case of The GIMP I'd suggest you do a fresh checkout since
we have moved so many files that upgrading CVS from stable to unstable
doesn't really make sense.

> i also noticed that when i "cvs checkout gimp" i only got the unstable
> branch ....

sure, unstable is the HEAD branch, that is the default branch you get
when checking out without explicitely specifying a branch. This is the
intended behaviour. Development always continues in the HEAD branch,
and at certain points stable versions (like gimp-1-0, gimp-1-2) are 
branched off.

Salut, Sven
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