On , 22 Feb 2002, Sven Neumann wrote:

> > > get your hands on GIMP-1.3.3 and add %L to the image-title-format
> > > or image-status-format strings. There you go.
> > 
> > Since we now have a number of these *-format strings, has someone
> > taken the time to generalise my code for image-title-format?
> please excuse my ignorance, what code are you talking about ?

gdisplay.c: gdisplay_format_title()
(It may have moved in 1.3.x)

It's a large switch statement, with hard-coded characters and their
expansions.  If different expansions are needed, perhaps its time to
write a function (eg expand_format()) which takes a format string, an
environment, and a table of format chars and their expansions.  I
didn't do it this way originally because it was more complicated and
at the time there was really only one set of format chars.

If now we're expansing different format strings, then perhaps the time
has come to generalise the code.

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