Hi Jeff,

   I have tried to verify the bug and it happens consistently.
As long as the upper stitch layers is selected, and Ctrl-Z, the system
will hang, there is a null pointer somewhere. However if the lower
layer is selected, Ctrl-Z is O.K.

   There is also an error message 
Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to 'GimpDrawable'  
   when the system hangs.

    Probably good idea to track it in bugzilla.


>Hi, all -
>I have discovered a reproducible way to put the gimp (1.2.3) 
>into a tight loop.  Try this:
>        1.  Open an image
>        2.  Run the cross-stitch script over it.
>        3.  Change the active layer to the stitches layer
>        4.  Undo (Ctl-Z).  Gimp goes into a loop.
>I think it has to do with the script flipping between RGB and 
>Indexed mode a couple of times - but why undo should get 
>confused when a different layer is selected baffles me.
>I'd appreciate it if someone would take a quick look at this - 
>if it's really a bug, and not something bizarre in my script, 
>I'll file this with bugzilla.


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