I should probably inform you of the change I've committed to CVS
yesterday since it involves anyone who builds gimp-1.3 from CVS.
The build from CVS now depends on intltool. intltool is a set of
perl scripts available from 


Chances are that your distribution has it already packaged for
you. The intltool collection can be used to do these things:

 o Extract translatable strings from various source files (.xml.in,
   .glade, .desktop.in, .server.in, .oaf.in).

 o Collect the extracted strings together with messages from
   traditional source files (.c, .h) in po/$(PACKAGE).pot.

 o Merge back the translations from .po files into .xml, .desktop
   and .oaf files.  This merge step will happen at build respective 
   installation time.

It also replaces the update.sh and update.pl scripts that used to live
in the po directories.

We need this especially to solve the problem of translating the GIMP
tips file. I'll check in a new tips file later that is XML formatted
and we will use intltool to extract strings for translators and to
merge the translations back into the XML file.

At the moment intltool is already used to handle translation of the
gimp-1.3.desktop file for the GNOME-2.0 menu I've checked in
yesterday. BTW, if someone wants to contribute a similar file so 
we register ourselves in the KDE menu, please contact me.

You will only need intltool if you build from CVS. All the necessary
tools will be contained in the tarball created by 'make dist', so
this change doesn't affect the casual user who wants to build The
GIMP from tarball.

Please let me know if these changes introduced any problems for you...

Salut, Sven

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