On 23 Feb 2002, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Nathan C Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:


> > a good amount of code needs to be shared between the core and the
> > plug-in.  I've split off a libgimptool to contain this code.


> > Any comments?  I will probably commit tommorow.
> well, if you want us to comment on your changes before you commit them,
> you should probably post a patch. Since this is a substantial change,
> I'd very much appreciate if you did.

No problem.  An annotated patch is available at 

The main issue with this patch is that libgimptool needs some knowledge of 
various enums and structs that normally shouldn't be known outside of the 
core, such as GimpObject and the various cursor enums.  I'm not sure 
exactly which is the best way to expose these things to the library.  We 
could put them in their own library, or we can create our own header files 
along the lines of the EEEEEK and DOUBLE EEEEEEK sections of 
libgimpgimptool.h, or we, at some penalty in the size of the binary, can 
create some perl magic that keeps the pluginspace and corespace header 
files binary compatible, and forgo all code sharing, or we can play with 
the -I's in the Makefile.am such that the core header files work (which 
would in practical terms say that there is no real separation between 
core and libgimptool.)

Any comments would be appreciated.


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