I have a couple of suggestions for options for the Clone tool:

1) At present, the source data for clone is the image as
   it was before you clicked on the mouse.  It would be nice
   to have an option to take the *current* state of the image
   instead.  When you are erasing some feature from a photo
   by stealing a bit of background from somewhere nearby,
   it's frustrating to accidentally pull in a part of the
   object you already erased.

2) It would be *really* cool if clone could 'mirror' the
   direction of the brush strokes when picking up colour
   from the image...so (optionally), as I move the brush
   to the right, the clone's '+' cursor would move to the
   left - and vice-versa.  An option for an up/down mirror
   and/or an arbitary rotation of the brush coordinates
   would be useful too.

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