Sorry for the off topic post.  Please reply to me directly and I'll summarize
if there is interest.

I've been invited to speak on open source in the film industry at a
conference in Austin, TX (  While I have contacts at
various effects companies (Dreamworks, Pixar, Silicon Grail, etc), I'd also
be interested in how people working in the New Media world are looking at or
using open source.  Obviously this includes GIMP in a big way, but also in
other areas such as network storage systems, animation and rendering, and so
forth.  And it includes anyone who uses open source for producing media for
print, film, advertising, games - pretty much anywhere visual and/or audio
multimedia is used.

If anyone here has any comments on this subject, please forward them to me.  
If you know someone you think would like to comment on this, please pass
along this message to them.  I'm looking for general comments, gripes, kudos,
wish lists, or stories on how open source is being used.  

The conference (at least my panel group) is scheduled for Monday, March 11th.
I only found out about it recently, otherwise I would have asked a bit

This isn't for an article or other paid work, so I'll be happy to post the
summaries if anyone is interested in them.
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