On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 04:10:39AM -0500, vio wrote:
> After browsing the gimp-1.3 TODO list, I would like to add my little
> suggestion of things I would wish from Gimp: how about also
> developing a clear path towards Gimp as a "web graphics server". 

This already exists if you are willing to jump through a few hoops,
but you may have to wait for Gimp-2.0 to lose the dependence on X and
Gtk+. Hopefully Gimp-1.3 will make more functions available via the
PDB, but it's already pretty complete.

If you use the Gimp-Perl extension with Apache's mod_perl, you get a
persistent connection to a running GIMP (currently in an Xvfb, which
is no big deal IMHO).

Here's what I wrote and presented in Manchester last summer:

It's currently running at:
(only the titles are made by The GIMP, but they're cached fairly
effectively) (ooh, and the navigation thingy is automagically

The above is on a headless Apple Network Server running LinuxPPC 1999
Q3, and I got it working on Wilber (a Debian x86 box), so it's
*reasonably* portable; I don't think I did anything too

There's no reason that such Gimp-Perl calls couldn't be used with the
various mod_perl-based template systems already. (Perhaps with a bit
of futzing).

That's my 2 cents on all this.



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