celebrating the GTK+-2.0 release, we have prepared a new release in
the unstable development series of The GIMP. If you are curious,
grab it from the FTP server and give it a try:


The mirrors should have already picked up the release, so please 
consider to choose a mirror close to you from this list:

This release depends on:

  pango-1.0.0 (with FT2 support)

This release is not intented for daily work, it crashes and it might
not even compile. You have been warned!

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.4
- Improved image status bar and image title [Mitch]
- Updated thumbnail code according to changes in proposed standard [Sven]
- Implemented init_proc in plug-ins [Nathan]
- Allow to choose interpolation for individual transformations [Mitch]
- More framework for tool plug-ins, landed a first tool [Nathan]
- Started core/UI separation for the paint tools [Mitch]
- Win32 fixes [Hans Breuer]
- Plug-in code cleanups (aa, colortoalpha, glasstile, guillotine, vinvert,
  pagecurl) [Maurits Rijk, Sven]
- I18n changes, we now use glib-gettextize and intltoolize [Sven]
- New layer mask initialization modes [Mitch]
- Colorpicker, Transform tool and PDB fixes [Mitch]
- Factored out paint code from the paint tools [Mitch]
- New vectors infrastructure [Simon]
- First draft of a new vectors tool [Simon, Mitch]
- Scanline conversion (Path to selection etc.) changed to use libart [Simon]
- Undo cleanups [Mitch]
- Changed tips file format to XML [Sven]
- Added desktop file for GNOME-2 [Sven]
- Added GimpItem class to generalize core code even further [Mitch]
- Improved preferences dialog [Mitch, Sven, Jimmac]
- New tool icons [Jimmac]
- Editor widgets for brushes, gradients and palettes [Mitch]
- Revival of the API reference [Sven]
- Bugfixes
- More stuff not mentioned here (see the ChangeLog)

Other Contributors:
  Manish Singh, Rebecca Walter, Guillermo S. Romero

Since we have made substantial changes to the build process, we are
interested in your feedback on building this release. Please report
problems to gimp-developer mailing list.

Happy GIMPing,
        Sven Neumann
        Michael Natterer
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