It would seem that GIMP for Windows 1.2.3 is now official, as any 
suggestion of it being beta has disappeared from Tor's page, having 
been replaced by 'Current release: (GTK+ 2.0.0, GIMP 1.2.3) 2002-03-

I have not seen any announcement on or this list, that 
is why I am asking: is GIMP for Windows 1.2.3 official?

Also: does this mean the GIMP for Windows' bugs that were still open 
are now resolved? I filed the snoise bug report, but have not seen 
that bug report closed in Bugzilla.

If so, I would like to send out a press-release about this to digital 
photography magazines. Digital Photography has really taken off since 
last year, and I think we could harvest some users in that field. The 
dedicated magazines seem to assume that all their users will 
gleefully steal their Photoshop copies, but I think there may be some 
users who want to be legit and still use more sophisticated tools 
than those that come with their cameras.

My philosophy is that more users will beget more developers. (I may 
be entirely wrong.)

branko collin
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