Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Branko Collin writes:
>  > I have not seen any announcement on www.gimp.org or this list, that 
>  > is why I am asking: is GIMP for Windows 1.2.3 official?
> Umm, define "official"? Is GIMP for (pick your random Unix system)
> official? Which of the prebuilt GIMPs for Solaris (I assume there are
> several) is official? IMHO, the official GIMP release is the source
> release. 
> I am just a person who makes prebuilt binaries available for Windows,
> and somebody else then makes an installer out of them. (I also happen
> to be the guy who did most of the porting to Windows, but that's
> irrelevant IMHO.) There are dozens of GIMP packagings for typical
> Linux distributions, for instance, and none of them is "official"
> other than from *that distribution's* point of view. Thus, *my*
> prebuilt GIMP builds are official for *me*. As if that meant anything?

well, a news entry on the GIMP website wouldn't hurt. Tor, do you want
to set up a few lines or should we paste from your web-site ?

Salut, Sven
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