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> Hi,
> Could someone post some links or examples on scripting GFig, please. I mean,
> I know how to call the plug-in from a script: 
> python> pdb.plug_in_gfig(image, drawable,dummy)
> but then how do I pass commands to gfig, say, to draw a shape which is not 
> included in its catalog? Or even one which is part of the gfig catalog?
> My first guess would be to create a shape description file in ~/gimp/gfig. 
> But then how is gfig instructed to load and process that shape?

you don't. GFig doesn't support any PDB control. If you want to script
GFig, you'd have to add scripting support to it. This is something you
definitely don't want to try. Once you have you seen the source you'll
understand why.

Salut, Sven
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