On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 21:31, Tino Schwarze wrote:
> > So, to over-simplify, what would be the point in porting software to
> > Windows that intends to provide you with an emulation of software (for
> > Windows) you already got with the camera?
> Uhm. Maybe because you get a consistent interface in Win* as well as in
> Linux? Or maybe you don't need to rely on crappy, cheap
> shipped-with-camera software? Or maybe gphoto will evolve while the
> shipped-with-camera software will not?
> I can imagine several reasons for a gphoto port to Win*. It's always
> nice to have a choice!

That, and often, the windows software doesn't give access to all
features of the camera, doesn't use the full download speed, doesn't let
you capture images (because the vendor wants you to buy additional
software), or simply does not run on Windows <insert new version here>
because it has been designed for Windows <insert old version here> only.

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