Thanks for your reply, interest and rapidity!

> well, we can't include the script as is but it is easy to do the
> necessary changes.
Why? Can I make the changes?

While doing them I wondered if it is really
> necessary to have a toggle to enable the border if there's a border
> size slider where you can set the border to zero. Same goes for Mottle

No need! But (IMHO) it is more user-friendly...
Suggestions here, from others, are welcome!

> Size. BTW, what is this Mottle thing supposed to be? It looks horrible
> and I wonder if this is because some part of gimp-1.3 doesn't work as
> it used to do. Anyway, below is my version of the script. Before
Unfortunately, now I haven't a gimp to try, but I would like to know what's the 
problem.... I haven't understand....
The mottle were just in the original script (without the slider)

> inclusion in gimp-1.3, I'd like to change the PDB and menu names from
> old_photo_2 back to old_photo:
Ok, perfect!  I changed the name only for the confilict whit the existent script for 

> Salut, Sven
> ;
> ; old-photo
>    SF-IMAGE       "The Image"    0
>     SF-DRAWABLE    "The Layer"    0
>     SF-TOGGLE     _"Defocus"      TRUE
>     SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Border Size"  '(20 0 200 1 10 0 1)
>     SF-TOGGLE     _"Sepia"        TRUE
>     SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Mottle Size"  '(0.5 0 10 0.1 10 2 1)

If you would like to cancel the toggle, please change the value from 0.5 to 0 to 
rispect the original default for the mottle options (FALSE)

>     SF-TOGGLE     _"Work on Copy" TRUE
> )

                            Ciao, Davide.

P.S.: is there a method to know how many people downloaded my script?!?

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