I wrote:
[suggestion of xsane-gimp RPM]
> My gimp 1.3.3 installed from source doesn't see the xsane plugin,
> though, so Tino's instructions are probably better if you're
> installing gimp and xsane from source.

... Tino's instructions were:
> Yes indeed, it is simple: Just do not create an xsane directory but link
> the xsane binary directly into ~/.gimp-1.2/plug-ins . Then remove
> ~/.gimp-1.2/pluginrc and restart gimp.

I found that I had to link xsane-gimp, not just xsane, into the plug-ins
directory for gimp-1.3.  If I linked plain xsane, gimp complained:

/home/akkana/.gimp-1.3/plug-ins/xsane: GIMP support missing

But maybe that's just a question of how xsane is compiled.
John, is it possible that you forgot to configure gimp support when
you built xsane?  I don't think it's on by default.

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