David Ford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> A few notes, maybe known, maybe not:

your notes are obviously about the current developers version. For
production use, you really want to use gimp-1.2.3.

> a) Is there a way to put use text other than "gimp" with the text tool
> yet?  :)

no, not yet.

> b) xtns->script-fu->web page->alien glow->arrow goes into a tight loop
> sucking cpu

most probably because of the hackish text tool implementation and
PDB bindings.

> c) file->save as->png is pretty hit and miss with success, half the
> time you need to "Ignore" merging visible layers (only one layer) in
> order to save as a PNG.  i haven't tried other formats really

this is supposed to work. Could you describe the problems in more detail.

> d) tool panel, the eraser has the same tooltip as the paint fuzzy
> strokes brush

fixed in CVS a while ago.

Salut, Sven
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