Nem W Schlecht <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Oliver Rapp e-mailed me on Sun Mar 24 12:20:37 2002
> (Re: "[Gimp-developer] Bug in Open file Preview")
> >
> >I've found a bug in the "Open file..." Dialog and the preview option. I 
> >don't know, if it's already reported.
> >
> >If you select several images and click on the preview button, gimp 
> >leaves out every second image and does not index them. You have to 
> >manually select the images and click on the preview button.
> Yup, I noticed this as well.  Just now looking at the code, there is an
> extra call for the next element that shouldn't be there.
> Comment out line 1577 in app/fileops.c:
>    list = g_slist_next (list);
> This call/assignment is made in the for loop definition and should not be
> done here (at the end of the for loop).

oops. I'll commit the fix to CVS later. Thanks for spotting this.

Salut, Sven
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