On Tue, 02 Apr 2002 15:38:04 -0000, "javacode18015" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am adding some code in gimp so that it can record the drawing 
> activities I am instereting in. And later, I can generate the exact 
> graphic I drawed using those recorded data.
> Since I did not find much doc about gimp development itself, I am 
> having a hard time reading through the code. Could someone kindly 
> give me some suggetion about what data I need to record for the 
> regeneration?

I would suggest that you wait a few months for the development version of
the GIMP (1.3.x) to become a bit more stable and then it should be much
easier to implement that feature.  There is already a bug report related
to this feature, or something very similar ("macro recorder"):

This would be very hard to do with the stable version (1.2.x) because
the user interface is not cleanly separated from the core drawing
functions.  The development version would be a better starting point, but
currently it is not stable enough for production use and several features
are temporarily unavailable (e.g., text editing is not possible).

As I mentioned in bug #51937, the best way to record all drawing
activities is to do it at the PDB level.  But in order to be able to do
this, there are still some parts of the core that need to be updated so
that all drawing functions can generate the appropriate PDB calls.  Maybe
in a few months...

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