Le mar 09/04/2002 ā 16:45, Sven Neumann a écrit :
> how can we wrap lines then if there's no given width to fit the text
> into?

right ;)

firt, my main principle was : "in fact the user don't want to see a
layer, he just want to see text"
but, this lead to interresting questions

they are (at least) two kind of text :
* text like a title, where you don't want to have a fixed width (and you
can always use <enter> to write on 2 lines), and just want to see
"text", this the usual vision of a graphic/vector tools
* multi-line text, like a paragraph, where the text wrap when the width
is reached, this is the usual vision of publishing tools, and word

the current version of the gimp use the first one
but maybe this should change fot the gimp 1.4
so the question is, which one is the most usefull for a graphic tool ?

also if the second is choosen the user would want to see a "containing
block" more than a layer, ie : if he resize the width of the block, he
would expect to see the text redisplayed with the new correct wrapping,
this is different from a layer, where when you resize it, you just "cut"
the overlapping content.



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