Nathan C Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > - Provide an API that allows the plug-in developer to use the same
> >   function for manipulating the image as well as the preview. The
> >   preview would have to provide a drawable API and pixel-regions
> >   etc. in order to achieve this goal. 
> There is a serious problem here: what if two plug-ins are open at the same 
> time and want to draw on the same image?  We wouldn't just need tile-level 
> locking but layer or image-level locking as well, and the preview widget 
> would have to gracefully fall back or force the other plugin to give up 
> its hold on the display. You could run into serious UI issues here.

the idea was not to use the original drawable but to have the preview
create a scaled version of the selected area and expose it to the
plug-in as if it was a drawable. This will need some hacks in the
proxy drawable code in libgimp but I think it could be done.

Salut, Sven

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