On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 03:42:31PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:

> - Most, if not all, plug-ins should have a preview and they should
>   share a common look and feel.
> - The preview should be zoomable with the plug-in specifying the
>   initial zoom setup (1:1 in most cases).

What about:
- left mouse click = zoom in
- middle mouse drag = move around
- right mouse click = zoom out
  or use shift-left and have a little context menu with right

> - A split mode would be handy:
>     -------------------
>     |        |        |
>     | Before |        |
>     |        | After  |
>     |        |        |
>     ------------------- 
>   Alternative setups like top/bottom, diagonal split have been
>   suggested. Difficult to get this integrated into the GUI w/o 
>   cluttering it with buttons. Could be in a right-click menu, but
>   it would probably not be found there.

Hmm... a pretty weird preview comes to my mind. It might be difficult to
implement though. The preview is not separeted into before and after
views but shows one part of the image. There is an invisible borderline
between before and after so that there is a transition from before- to
after-image. The interesting thing is: This border-line can be rotated.
You therefore have the option to have a preview like above or one
separated top-bottom or diagonal - any way you like.

> - Alternative preview in image window would be nice to have.

Definitely. It should be toggleable from the preview widget itself.
Also, the plugin has to choose in which mode to start. There are
plugins for which a tiny preview is useless (e.g. global operations like
brightness and contrast.)

> - Provide an API that allows the plug-in developer to use the same
>   function for manipulating the image as well as the preview. The
>   preview would have to provide a drawable API and pixel-regions
>   etc. in order to achieve this goal. 

The preview widget also needs an option to toggle between automatic or
manual preview update since there are effects which take very long to
compute - even for a small preview.

Hmmm... what about embedding a real image inside the preview?

> - Make layers resizable/scalable in by adding handlers to the layer
>   boundaries.

I want resizeable (rectangular) selections!

> Text Tool
> ---------
> - Should allow multi-line text with configurable line spacing.
> - Should allow to modify character-spacing for selected parts
>   of text.
> - Clicking somewhere into the image and starting to type should
>   create a new text layer the size of the text's bounding box.
>   Clicking and dragging should create a new text layer the size
>   of the dragged rectangle.

- Should allow more sophisticated text layout (e.g. changing fonts and
  styles for parts of the text, alignment for each lines, tabulators)

Bye, Tino.

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