On 2002-04-11 at 1255.35 +0200, David Neary typed this mail:
> ...they just stop leaving a forwarding e-mail address :)
> Following on from the other plug-in discussion, can anyone tell
> me what the procedure is for updating old plug-ins which were
> added by someone who is now (apparrently) unreachable? There were
> a couple of older plug-ins I used recently which needed a little
> bit of updating to get them to work with 1.2, and I'd like to
> update the originals on registry.gimp.org, but the author's
> contact details seem to be dead.
heya Mr. Neary ....

i have been wanting to collect all of the working plug-ins and make them
available on my site.  only plug-ins that are not already included with
GIMP, however.

if you have a lot of updated plug-ins, it should be no problem to give
you a password so you can move the plug-ins to my site directly.

updating old plug-ins is cool!  which ones did you work on?


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