On 2002-04-11 at 1741.53 +0200, Sven Neumann typed this mail:
> Hi,
> well, then the registry needs to be improved. Did you contact Ingo and
> offered your help?
> > what could be so bad with a place to collect the updated plug-ins?
> nothing. The bad thing is to have multiple places to look for plug-ins.
i seem to remember from the discussion of the registry from this list
(way back when) that the registry works like it does and will not be

the last time i tried to discuss the registry with the eh, registry
owner, he pretty much told me to talk to you.

my site is getting more and more traffic.  i have a good skeleton of a
passwd system.  i have tried to make my site more user oriented.  and i
will always be willing to talk to a user about plug-ins.

so far, i have been pretty good about not having things on my site that
are already included in the GIMP.  from a user point of view, this is a
frustrating thing about www.gimp.org and registry.gimp.org.

the nice thing about my site, is that i can meet my needs and not have
to talk it over with you or Ingo.  not that talking to you or Ingo is
bad or frustrating ....


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