On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:01:03 -0400, "Carol Spears" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 2002-04-11 at 1741.53 +0200, Sven Neumann typed this mail:
> > nothing. The bad thing is to have multiple places to look for plug-ins.
> > 
> i seem to remember from the discussion of the registry from this list
> (way back when) that the registry works like it does and will not be
> changed.

I hope that it will be updated someday...  Besides the problems
described in the previous mails (how to update a plug-in when the
original author is gone), it would be very nice to add a field that
would tell if a plug-in has been included in the standard distribution
of the GIMP (and if yes, in which versions) or in the Windows version,
which includes some additional plug-ins.

> the last time i tried to discuss the registry with the eh, registry
> owner, he pretty much told me to talk to you.
> my site is getting more and more traffic.  i have a good skeleton of a
> passwd system.  i have tried to make my site more user oriented.  and i
> will always be willing to talk to a user about plug-ins.
> so far, i have been pretty good about not having things on my site that
> are already included in the GIMP.  from a user point of view, this is a
> frustrating thing about www.gimp.org and registry.gimp.org.

Then by all means, DO REPORT THIS AS A BUG IN BUGZILLA!  Sorry for
shouting, but if there is something wrong on www.gimp.org, this should
be reported as a bug.  I will not be able to re-design the complete
site (AFAIK, you should be working on that ;-)) but I do check Bugzilla
frequently and I try to fix all the bugs related to www.gimp.org as
soon as possible.  So if there is a page that contains outdated or
incorrect information, please submit a bug report and I will take care
of it.  I am trying to keep the site alive until a new www.gimp.org can
be put online...  I hope that it will be ready soon.

> the nice thing about my site, is that i can meet my needs and not have
> to talk it over with you or Ingo.  not that talking to you or Ingo is
> bad or frustrating ....

Yes, this is of course very good from your point of view, but what about
the users?  If the information about the GIMP is scattered on many sites,
that will not help anybody.  If your site can be a good replacement for
www.gimp.org, then let's kill the old site, change the hostname and make
sure that the new www.gimp.org can be the new reference site for the
GIMP.  But if this is not the case, then I am not sure that it helps the
users in the long run.

If everybody is complaining that the old site is bad but is not doing
anything to improve it, then we will not go very far...

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