On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 06:34:02PM +0200, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:

> > so far, i have been pretty good about not having things on my site that
> > are already included in the GIMP.  from a user point of view, this is a
> > frustrating thing about www.gimp.org and registry.gimp.org.
> Then by all means, DO REPORT THIS AS A BUG IN BUGZILLA!  Sorry for
> shouting, but if there is something wrong on www.gimp.org, this should
> be reported as a bug.  I will not be able to re-design the complete
> site (AFAIK, you should be working on that ;-)) but I do check Bugzilla
> frequently and I try to fix all the bugs related to www.gimp.org as
> soon as possible.  So if there is a page that contains outdated or
> incorrect information, please submit a bug report and I will take care
> of it.  

What about a little disclaimer at the bottom of each page saying
something along "Outdated links? Incorrect information? Typos? Please
_submit a bug_. Thank you."

Bye, Tino.

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