I've been experimenting with building a L-systems script-fu, but have hit a 
seemingly insuperable obstacle.  It seems that there's a built-in limitation 
in siod  that prevents strings from exceeding somewhere between 4050 and  4094 
bytes.  Since L-systems are basically string-rewriting systems, with the 
strings getting longer at each rewrite, this arbitrarily low limit is a real 
PITA.  Indeed, it's a show-stopper.

Despite the known annoyances of trying to do string handling in any lisp-like 
language, I started out using the scheme script-fu instead of perl in hopes of 
making the resulting script usable on windoze machines as well as Linux boxes. 
 But when I finally got things working, the interpreter just dies/hangs when 
the strings start getting too long.  There are no error messages, no core 
dumps, no segfaults -- it just stops, silently.

So my questions are:

(1)  Is the specific version of siod that the GIMP uses documented anywhere?

(2)  Is there a sensible workaround for the (apparently) limited string length?

(3)  Is there a way to extend the GIMP's version of siod's capabilities to 
allow strings of arbitrary (large, very large) length in 1.4? (Or, even 
better, in 1.2.x?)


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