* Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020415 12:06]:
> Hi,
> OEyvind Kolaas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I sat down this night and implemented a new color adjustment plug-in for
> > the gimp. It is not completely finished yet but the basic functionality is
> > there.
> I really like the histogram being displayed in the levels widget. This
> feature is already on our TODO for 1.4.

This was more of a hack since I'm not fluent with gtk+, and reimplementing my own
levels dialog from my own toolkit was easier than trying to rip out the one in
the existing levels tool.

> I'd also like to see the ability to choose white/gray/black point
> being added to the levels tool. The same applies to the automatic
> calibration features.

Not quit sure what you mean by this,. if you A) mean having the levels influenced
by choosing FG/BG as white/black point,.. it already does, for graybalance it should
just do a autostretch contrast instead. B) add the ability to set white|gray|black 
point to the existing levels tool,.. then the name of the tool should be changed
since it no longer would be a levels tool (it feels like I fail to comprehend what
you were trying to convey)

> Overall I think that most if not all features of this plug-in should
> be integrated into the core color-correction tools. This will allow
> for faster image-preview with less flashing (very annoying if you see
> the image being reset when the preview layer is removed). 

The core color-correction tools sure need some updates, but one of the
reasons for doing this as a plug-in is that these operations belong
together, and the user should be able to interactivly experiment with
different settings between color-balance / levels.

> It will also allow the user to pick white/gray/black points directly 
> from the image. What do you think about this? Wouldn't you like to 
> hack on the core color-correction tools instead?

Working on a plug-in feels safe, and the edit,compile,test cycle is
short. But my understanding of both gimp and gtk+ have gradually
increased this night due to coding this plug-in,.. so perhaps,..


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