On Fri, 19 Apr 2002 03:14:20 +0200, "Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 18 Apr 2002, at 13:42, ATIS AUNGABSEE wrote:
> > On Photoshop we can use the actions palette to easily reccord every
> > action we do on with the picture while working by just clicking the
> > reccord button on the palette and play those action again on others
> > file that we want to do that same procedure with the files.
> The GIMP is able to perform a series of image manipulation action 
> over and over again, but you have to program these rather than record 
> them.

Maybe it will soon be possible to record some scripts automatically in the
developer's version of the GIMP (the one that is in CVS, definitely not
the 1.2.x version).  But "soon" is not defined yet...

Two weeks ago, I spent some hours adding a very preliminary support for
a kind of "script recorder".  The basic idea is to add a new global pointer
to a GimpRecorder struct.  If this pointer is not NULL, then all actions
that are performed through the PDB are added to a list that is included in
this structure (name of proc + parameters).  Later, this list can be
converted to a script when the user stops recording.  This can be Script-Fu,
Perl-Fu or other languages: it should not be too hard to translate the list
of PDB calls to any scripting language.

But this is not working yet: there are still some actions that I cannot
capture (no PDB call is generated) and there are some PDB calls that I have
to filter out (because I only want to record the "top-level" actions
initiated by the user from the GUI).  I am still not sure if the best
solution is to keep track of the "depth" of the PDB calls and filter out
the nested calls (so that if the user calls a script, the PDB calls made by
this script will not be recorded) or if I should check the state of the
undo stack, or both.  I still have to experiment a bit with that.  But the
main problem is still to be able to capture all actions as PDB calls.
There are many operations that can be done from the GUI without generating
any PDB interaction, and I have to change that.

I started doing that two weeks ago, but I haven't been able to continue
since then (not enough spare time).  I hope that I will have a few more
hours in the coming weeks to experiment a bit more.  Although this is still
in a very preliminary stage, maybe there is hope that you will see a script
recorder before GIMP 9.0 is out...

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