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> > On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 03:17:35AM
> > +0200, Branko Collin wrote:

> > > I guess the easiest way to do that
> > > would be to store the output of
> > > your program as a script-fu script.
> >
> > Or Perl-Fu -- I'd guess most people are slightly more
> > comfortable writing Perl than Scheme...

Yes, but computers should be equally comfortable with either
language, and:

> But that would only work for a minority of GIMP users.  Nowadays, for
> better or worse, the majority of GIMP users seem to be Windows users
> (in contrast with the developers, who are almost exclusively Linux
> users or UN*X users). And getting Gimp-Perl to work under Windows is
> not a trivial task (this can also be a problem on several other
> non-Linux systems), so it is easier for most people to use Script-Fu
> because it works "out of the box" on all systems.
> Besides, for someone who is not a programmer and does not know
> anything about Perl and Scheme, I do not think that there is a big
> difference in the learning curve.

For somebody who has never programmed in his/her life, a logical
language is probably just as easy, if not easier. How many problems
in life reduce easily to a shopping list?

(Please reply to the OP also, who, as he mentioned, does not
subscribe to this list.)

branko collin
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