On 16 Apr 2002, at 20:22, Sven Neumann wrote:

> We also think that the thumbnails should be split up into
> subdirectories in order to avoid problems with too many files in one
> directory. A typical user might nowadays easily have several thousands
> of thumbnails. Most filesystems don't cope well with such large
> amounts of files in one directory. Our proposal is thus to introduce
> subdirectories specified by the first letter of the thumbnail name.
> That would give 64 subdirectories and the thumbs should evenly
> distribute between them. So, for example a 128x128 sized thumb for
> ~/photos/me.png would be stored into
> ~/.thumbnails/normal/c/c6ee772d9e49320e97ec29a7eb5b1697.png

How do you arrive at 64 subdirectories? Does this work for all 
platforms concerned?

branko collin
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